The publications below are related to the MSCA research project. You can check out the full list of my publications on my personal website:

In progress:

U. Pawlicka-Deger, Laboratory Ethnography Beyond Science: Introduction to the Study of Knowledge Production in Digital Humanities (under review)

U. Pawlicka-Deger, Feasibility Documents as Critical Structuring Objects for “Convergence”special issue “Critical Technical Practice(s) in Digital Research“ (under review)

Alan Liu, Urszula Pawlicka-Deger, and James Smithies (eds), Critical Infrastructure Studies & Digital Humanities, Debates in the Digital Humanities Series, University of Minnesota Press (in progress, see the CFP here)

Urszula Pawlicka-Deger and Christopher Thomson (eds), Digital Humanities and Laboratories: Perspectives on Knowledge, Infrastructure and Culture (under contract with Routledge).


U. Pawlicka-Deger, Infrastructuring digital humanities: On relational infrastructure and global reconfiguration of the field, “Digital Scholarship in the Humanities” (17 September 2021, Oxford University Press), p. 17. Open access:

U. Pawlicka-Deger, On the Method of the “STS of Documents” in Digital Humanities”, DH Infra, October 04, 2021,

U. Pawlicka-Deger, The multiformity of infrastructure, DH Infra, March 29, 2021,

U. Pawlicka-Deger, Laboratory ethnography during a pandemic: On temporality, instability and co-production, DH Infra, February 8, 2021,

U. Pawlicka-Deger, What is happening behind the text?, King’s Digital Lab blog, November 18, 2020,